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Blunt B*tch

420 Apparel. Blog. Community.

Let's Sesh!


Our blog is a collection of stoner meanderings and how-to guides! Spark up, and let us know what you think!


We are working hard at building a dope Cannabis community. Our goal is to create a transparent, fun, and safe environment.


Our goal is to help destigmatize cannabis one cool design at a time! All designs are made in-house, just for you.

"I've been following this brand since the beginning. I love their vibe, and the community is unreal. Never new I could connect to so many people through weed."

Daniel J.Being blunt

I read every blog post that comes out, and practically live in my hoodie I bought. Love what they stand for - and the owner is supper sweet. 10/10 recommend.

Mary W.Solid folk.

Love seeing all their new designs! We've worked with them on a few designs for our own bussiness, and they are our best sellers! Will be staying in touch.

DDTDIf you need marketing help, ask them.