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Blunt B*tch

Welcome to Blunt Btch, where we embrace creativity, empowerment, and a sprinkle of cannabis culture. Join us in celebrating uniqueness and style from the heart of Okanagan, BC, Canada.


Step into the world of Blunt Btch Apparel, where individuality and self-expression reign supreme.


Join us in sparking conversations, sharing stories, and embracing the culture that inspires our brand.


We’re all about building a community that thrives on authenticity and celebrates individuality.

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We’re not just another brand. We’re a women ran, small bussiness that started back in 2021 to create something extraordinary. Our mission? To celebrate your uniqueness and empower you through our diverse range of products. Inspired by the vibrant cannabis culture and other sources, our collection is filled with lively designs and eye-catching stickers that are sure to make a statement. You can find our incredible creations on our website or browse our Etsy store under the username “bluntbtchapparel.” We wholeheartedly believe in the power of art, creativity, and positivity to make a real difference in your life. Based in the beautiful Okanagan, BC, Canada, we’re here to infuse your world with inspiration and individuality.

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Founded by 26-year-old entrepreneur Alecia, we’re all about celebrating uniqueness, empowerment, and creativity. Our diverse product range, inspired by various sources, including canna culture, includes lively designs and eye-catching stickers. Based in Okanagan, BC, Canada, our brand was established in 2021.

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