Howdy High Neighbor

Hello World!

Welcome to our first blog post! This will be the home for many of my meanderings, blunt (get it?) opinions and whatever else comes to mind.

I’m not sure what else to write for our first post, so I’ll tell you a bit about myself; I am a twenty-something years old, that grew up in a fairly small town, where all my best friends lived on the same street. I am the youngest out of two cool-ish children. And I’m also a mid-level nerd, have you ever heard of the TV show called, “Firefly?”

I am also a cannabis user, for pain and mood management as well as recreationally. I didn’t start smoking until after a bad car accident I was in, and now – the rest is history… I can’t remember… *bad stoner joker about forgetfulness*

I’m hoping for this blog to become a community of super rad people. So if your rad, please read the below sentence: (if you are not, please read the below sentence.)

Spark up, make a cup a tea and let’s sesh!

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