My least favorite way to smoke is…

Vapes! I feel like the technology is just not there yet for THC/CBD products. They don’t taste good, their heat adjustments seem silly, (no recommended setting per tip) and they are an overall mess compared to tobacco vapes. Will I keep buying them though? Yes. They are convenient, discreet and quick. And also, very easy to lose.

I have various brands and models and the one thing I appreciate about them is… they pretty much use all the same chargers. And for whatever reason, they end up in piles around my house. A few downstairs, a few in the purse, some in the kitchen? Duh!

They make me cough pretty bad sometimes though, and send me into the occasional sneezing fit – but if you need something quick and totally not offensive (smell-wise) they are my go-to. I don’t leave the house without one. But give me a joint or a bong and I’ll be looking at the vape like it ate all my fries after it said it didn’t want any… it just doesn’t *hit*, for me.

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