Buddy’s Place – Puff Puff or Pass?

I was travelling to my cousin’s wedding when I realized I forgot my stash and initially was bummed, but then I remembered where I was, Nelson. I was in Nelson! I giggled to myself. If you know, you know. I stopped in for some edibles, flower and a dispo pen.

Buddy’s Place, is located in Nelson, BC. They are one of the top-rated cannabis shops in the area, according to Google.

It was bright, clean, and pretty busy. I notice a variety of people who felt comfortable entering this shop, which is always nice to see, and I like to point this out when I do.

The prices were OK, and if you live there, you can get a discount! I LOVE when cannabis shops offer discounts or themed days etc. I think it’s a good way to give back to the community, and maybe make a couple of connections that would’ve been missed through general conversation. This brings me into the next point, their staff. It looked like they had two team members onsite. One handling the customers, and one doing stock. I chatted with a young man there, who knew his stuff and was a joy to talk to.

The dispo pen I got, tasted great and worked well. I’ve seen this type around lots. This shop seemed to carry pretty generalized brands and items for the area. Nothing too special – but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. A little bit of everything, and familiar brands that you know and love.

The edible I got, was good. I would get it again, it was a wana gummy, 10 mg THC. Blueberry INDCA. It didn’t couch melt me, just helped me settle in. I can be an anxious gal here and there – so I do enjoy my indica edibles. For me, this edible was like your first beer.

The bud I got, was good. It was fairly fresh, looked healthy… and smelt like the good good. This one I asked for their recommendation on. I always like to see what the shop enjoys and recommends. For the first time actually, I was asked what part of the INDICA experience I liked, in order to pick the right strain for me.

Overall, I would recommend this shop for a quick restock, or if you have some questions. You could tell they were trying hard and exceeding to, create a positive experience for those in the community. 2 puffs from me!

Have you ever travelled to Nelson, BC? Let me know below! I’ll pack us a bowl.

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