Koality Mystery Box – Puff Puff or Pass?

I ordered my first mystery box, and of course, it had to be cannabis-themed. And ironically, I’ve only ever heard of one, this bad boy here: https://www.koalapuffs.com/products/koala-puffs-surprise-box

I have been a big fan of Koala Puffs for many years, so I was happy to take a risk – and support an entrepreneur. I have to say, their box was shipped out and delivered pretty fast. Considering it had a long way to travel from the USA to, BC, Canada. But when I had to go pick up the box, because, I had to pay duties on it (kinda sucked, was an extra $30CAD but whatever) it was MASSIVE! And I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I promptly rushed home, to start unpacking everything, and I was baffled at the number of items I pulled out…

x 1 Large Bongo ( branded + extra)

x 4 bowls ( x1 extra)

x 3 King Palms

x 1 Small lighter, with sleeve

x 1 Smoke buddy

x 1 Mooselab mouthpiece

… a bunch of other things that I am not going to spoil.

And I have to point out two things here, NOTHING came broken or damaged, ( so their packing process is on point) and I have used everything so far. Some things I’m meh about, but some things blew my mind! I am overall pretty happy with this box. The exchange rate / wasn’t ideal, so I might not be ordering another one for a while, but I will be ordering again. It was just so much fun, and everything was of decent quality. I would recommend trying it out if you have any extra dough laying around. The glass itself made the purchase worth it. Check out her website, or youtube videos to find out more about this box.

Being in Canada, this box cost close to around $300 after the conversion.

Have you tried a mystery box before? Spark up in the comments below, and leave me a comment!

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