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Once upon a star, your local neighbourhood stoner wished for a solution to cover up the smell of burning cannabis. Your average room air freshener and toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets just wasn’t cutting it as well as they hoped.

One of my biggest grievances as a smoker of flower, is the distinct smell that lingers. Especially when you’re the only one that smokes in a household. As I grow older, my “solutions” just don’t seem to cut it anymore. So here’s what I’ve been doing for managing cannabis odour inside an inclosed space;

– Making sure there is some kind of air flow happening inside. A window open, fan on… and soon… an air purifier with 4 stage filter. More to come on that next week.

– Depending on circumstances I’ll also use a personal air filter like a Smokey buddy. Those things work wonders. My only thing to note with them, is you’ll still get a little bit of smoke/smell from your bowl or joint if that’s what you’re using. They work great if you’re trying to hide a vape or dab smoke after a hit though.

– Lighting a smoke eliminator candle. 420 specialized. They can be a bit pricey, and I’m still not certain they fully work. But a lot of brands offer 100% money back guarantee. So far I’ve found my favourite brand, but I’m still on the hunt for one I 100% have faith in.

Now some ratchet tips if you are in a pinch to quickly get rid of the smell of champions;

– Cook bacon and safely wave the pan around after. …. Make sure you burn a piece or two.

– If you are in a garage, and I know this one isn’t ideal… but light a smoke. Tobacco will cover a good chunk of your regrets. I’m not saying you have to smoke it.

– Light some incense, it won’t hide it. But it’ll work like how teenage boys use axe for body odour.

Now, if you’re smoking inside… and somewhere you definitely shouldn’t be. (But we’ve all been there.) Take a tiniest of tiny hits in the bathroom, into the fan, and turn on a hot steamy shower. This one is pretty full proof, or at least buys you some more time to let the air in the room settle down.

I hope one of these suggestions helped, but don’t be a dick and break to many rules. As a smoker, you need to be extra respectful of those around you and the spaces you are in. I don’t condone any disrespect to your surroundings. Be smart, be kind.

Spark up in the comments below and let me know what you use to hide the canna smell!

Disclaimer: Writer is not condoning the use of cannabis. Medical and recreational use is legal in the posters area over the age of majority.

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