Mr. Nice Guys Pipe Cleaner – Puff Puff or Pass?

I’m awful at cleaning my pieces. I do it frequently, but I’m not very patient with it. So trying this product out was an interesting feat for me. You need an empty container, and hot, hot water.

I’m not a fan of using alcohol, I might just be using it wrong though – but I’ve consistently fallen back on Orange Chronic. It’s good, and seems to be the Canadian standard, but it gets pricey and I little messy for me. But then again, a lot of things end up that way haha.

My least favourite thing about Orange Chronic, is how fast I go through it and how I always struggle cleaning my bowls and stems with it. But I don’t get that with Mr. Nice Guy. In fact, it’s become my new favourite way to clean my bowls and stems. An Ali standard if you will. (Yes, that’s my real life nickname.)

And bonus, this cleaner is VERY fast acting. Sometimes you have to use it twice, but I’d say the entire process takes less then 20 mins for me.

This guy gets 2 puffs!

Click here to check them out.

PS – make sure you use their product in an area with a window you can open, or in an area with good air flow. I did it in my kitchen sink, and made sure all pets were away.

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