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*UPDATE* 10/14/2022 The last few times I have gone, my edibles have still been rock hard, and my CBD honey wasn’t mixed right, and we had to throw it away. Sadly, these things do happen sometimes. I will try going back in a couple of months after product rotates!

It’s hard to find a good dispensary. At least it is for me. I want to shop at a store that has a chill environment, quality flower, and a good selection. But when I say I’d be comfortable taking my parents or grandparents here… I mean it.

Indigenous Bloom is located in Lake Country, BC. They used to be across the street from the big blue boat that burned down a few years ago. (Locals will know what I’m talking about.)

This dispensary, “is a co-operative of First Nation and Indigenous peoples. They consolidate long-term partnerships with First Nation and Indigenous People’s on Indigenous lands for the production and dispensing of medicinal hemp and cannabis products. ” Quoted from their website

I’ve been coming to this location for a couple of years now. They are almost always busy, and their stock seems to move fast. Which is what you want, as a consumer.

Their flower is rarely dried out, and they get a gold medal for the variety of CBD products they carry. As someone with chronic pain, I BURN through topicals. They are one of the few storefronts I’ve been able to find CBD products that I vibe with.

Now, there are a lot of cool things about them, one of them being the themed days they offer. For example, Wednesday is Wellness Wednesday and they offer discounts on their wellness products. Dope, right?!

They also have great hours of operation, they are open pretty much every time I go.

Most of their staff are pretty friendly and knowledgeable too, there’s only been the odd time that I’ve walked away feeling like I’m at a self-check-out at the grocery store. And saying that, that’s not always a bad thing.

However, I would like to point out that sometimes their infused cookies are a bit tough, and other times they are soft and gushy. I think it comes down to who is making them, and perhaps how they are packaged? Who knows, I keep coming back for more though. If you are an edible fan – you MUST check them out. But just keep that in mind. You’ll find out why once you’re there. I rarely buy my edibles from other places now…

So overall, they get two puffs from me! They have some of the best prices in town, a well-rounded product lineup ( excluding accessories), and a dope atmosphere. Check them out! But if you do, just be careful of the intersection at the top of the hill on your way out. It can get a little crazy sometimes…. they also have a ton of parking spots available. So you don’t have to stress about that.

Here is a link to their website if you are interested: click me!

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