Too high?

AH, a time-old question… “You good Bro?” Lawl, we have all been there.

I must admit though, I haven’t been there in a hot minute, but that’s due to all the trial and error I experienced with consumption, can I say that? When you first start consuming cannabis, I’ll always offer up the advice of less is more. Start small. It’s always easier to build onto your high, once you are familiar with how your body reacts than to become suddenly sober. We don’t have any tips for that, it’s similar to alcohol consumption, you usually just have to wait it out. There’s no one magic bean that can help. If I know I am going to be trying out something new, or stronger than usual, I always have a backup plan in mind. Here’s that plan;

Before consumption:

  • Get a water bottle handy, and some snacks in case one becomes one with the couch.
  • Have CBD close, some say it helps cut down the high if things go south
  • Have an Uh-Oh contact, you can call or text if you need to. Mine is my partner.

After consumption, if things are going south:

  • Don’t panic. It happens to all of us! Don’t feel bad, or embarrassed. Make sure you are somewhere safe, and your Uh-Oh contact knows what’s up. I emphasize this point, as I’ve greened out before, and had very long naps… make sure your loved ones know what’s up!
  • Drink a LOT of water or some kind of fruit juice. I like OJ.
  • Distract yourself. You will be ok! Make/have a playlist to get your mind off of things, and bring in some good vibes. Or watch a fav show, movie, or podcast.
  • Try some tricks people swear by… drinking lemon water, chewing black peppercorns, showering, going for walks etc.
  • Set an alarm, and have a nap. This is my go-to personally.

From Leafly: “Symptoms of being too high:

If you know you’re too high, you know. But if you’re not sure how to figure out where the line to cross is, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for. While we all love to have a good time, you may need to dial down your intake if you feel:

  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • panic
  • paranoia
  • confusion
  • excessive perspiration.”

I hope this helped you out, take it easy and be kind to yourself. Cannabis is a great tool but takes some time to learn what you, your body, and your mind like. There are a ton of ways to consume, and different strains and terpenes affect us all differently. So take it slow, and get to know yourself!

Smoke responsibly, and spark up in the comments below and let me know about a time you got too high… and I’ll let you know mine!

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