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What kind of stoner are you? A wake and baker? 69% of my Instagram followers are, according to a poll. I am sometimes, on my days off. I don’t smoke weed during my day job, although sometimes I wish I did.

After my car accident 6 ish years ago, is when I first started smoking weed after a friend confessed their concern for the number of painkillers I was being prescribed. Now back in the day, my to-go kit looked a little different – but now, this is what it is;

I like to keep a couple of emergency joints on my person in a smell-proof bag. I throw them in my purse, or in a locked bag in my car. I’d like to point out that carrying cannabis in my area of residence is legal under a certain amount, but just to be safe – I like to keep it in its original packaging/ or receipt along with it. As I grow older I seem to be more cautious of my consumption around others – which is a good thing I must admit. I also like to carry a water bottle, scented hand cream, gum, and some eye drops if needed. I don’t have an everyday system yet, as I like to change it out with what my activities are, but among the above, I also keep a few vape pens with me, or maybe an edible or two. I used to have a full-on go bag, which I might do again one of these days. It included some flower, a mini grinder, and a hand pipe.

Let’s Sesh, and let me know what’s in your travel kit below!

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