Are Stoners Lazy?

Stoners have a lot of stereotypes. They range from being burnouts to less than optimal community citizens. And I’m happy to admit, I am none of those things. Have been all of those things before, don’t get me wrong, but cannabis never started it.

But nowadays, I feel like the general population is becoming more aware of the fact that people can both smoke weed, and be productive. I even hear a lot more about Canna Moms than Wine Moms these days. A controversial topic, I’m aware.

But saying that, the media isn’t doing us any favors and neither are the anti-drug programs they taught in school. ( or at least when I was in public school, it just made me more curious) I’m hoping as legalization progresses, society is able to re-evaluate these stereotypes and make information on the subject easier to find. Heck, sometimes I still make sure to avoid the topic situation depending.

But I do believe, stoners aren’t lazy. Smoking a ton of weed, or however you choose to consume it – doesn’t make you lazy, but it doesn’t always help. I had a friend in college once, that was OBBSED with teaching people how to be functional stoners, and that’s probably a big part of why I am. It helps me concentrate sometimes, push through my chronic pain days and still accomplish something. But, if all you see are couch potatoes in movies taking one hit after another – you don’t have much to go on, as Cannabis is still and will continue to be for a while, a taboo subject. This is also one of the many reasons why I started this blog. It’s going to take a lot of us to change the perception of cannabis use, and we can’t start with the media – so I hope we can show em’ by our actions. Thoughts?

Laziness is also often seen as a negative thing, and it doesn’t always have to be. But modern-day business likes to ensure we see it as such. We all deserve to chill out when we need to – and I’m not sure why were taught that’s not OK. We shouldn’t always be in need of constant DO. As long as you’re still taking care of business, mellow when you need to. I won’t judge you. But it makes me chuckle that smoking weed and laziness always show up in the same sentence in debates. Do you think all stoners are lazy? Or do you think that sometimes people are just lazy with or without the green? Let’s Sesh, and let me know below. I could talk about this subject forever … see? That’s not a lazy thing to say. 😉

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