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Let’s Sesh; I keep buying vaporizer’s, and I never keep using them. I wish I was a vaporizer person. Maybe I just need to adjust my expectations for them? Is that your preferred way to smoke? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ve had my Hydrology piece for a couple of years now, I first bought it when I could barely afford it – so it was an extra big deal for me. But after on and off use, I’ve grown frustrated with how much it leaks and how you load it. ( You load it from the bottom, which means you need to flip it over… which means it has a better chance of leaking, and I have to do that a lot.)

Now, mine, could just be a lemon. I took it back to the shop I bought it from, and they said they had a similar experience, so we replaced my rings and … it helped. But somehow it still manages to leak. The idea in theory is amazing though! I love the concept, and will always keep an eye out for something similar or upgraded. All in one’s are where they are at for me. I’d toss it in my TO GO kit. As I understand the hype around these devices.

So personally, I’d Puff Puff… Pass on this one, with conditions. Pass on it if you aren’t a fan of vaporizers already, or if you don’t have the budget for one. They aren’t a MUST. However, if you like the way they hit and are OK with a bit more set up, I’d give it a go. I do like how it lights up, and it’s still in my stoner drawer after all these years! The design for these are on point as well – that’s what first drew me to it.

Here is the companies website if you are interested: click me

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