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Cheeba Cheebas – Let’s Sesh.

Dispensaries are so much fun for me, and surprisingly they are all fairly different from each other. Now, this particular one happens to be a current fav. So I may be slightly biased. I’ve been coming here for the last two years, and not only are the staff very friendly and informed – they have some great products.

When you first walk in, to your right ( my right ) they have a table with a couple of tablets where you can create your order, or you can walk up to the cash. I usually head first to the tablets. That way I can see everything available, and might pick up a thing or two that I wouldn’t have normally come across. (Today I grabbed 3 new Indica’s, root beer blast edibles, a vape cartridge and some rollies!)

This shop has a few locations, and everyone I have come across seems pretty chill. I love seeing that they have created an environment that everyone seems at ease in, and offer decent prices. They also do delivery (which I tried out once) and sales! Quality control also seems GRADE A… I haven’t gotten a bad batch of anything yet. I’d puff puff pass this one on to our fellow buddies!

Thanks for reading! Where should we try out next?

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