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I asked a question on my Instagram the other day, asking people how they sesh. I’m always curious because I have a multitude of different smoke set ups depending on what I’m doing afterwards. Edibles? Full bowl? Quick joint? … are we going grocery shopping or going to the grandparents? Ya, know how it is.

However, when I first started smoking, it was strictly through a home made lung ( don’t ask me what that is / or do ) or pre rolls that my friends would make me. I didn’t know how to roll yet, and I found bongs VERY intimidating. My gross bread bag lung, eventually turned into a tiny dry pipe, which turned into a tiny water pipe, which then, well, turned into a massive bongo.

So as a more *seasoned – non spicy* smoker now, I am happily able to tell you what the main differences are between a dry pipe and a bong.


If you want smaller, more controlled hits, hit a dry pipe. VS Bongs, which tend to always hit back a bit faster and harder.

If you want something that travels easily, and more convenient to tuck away, hit a dry pipe. VS Bongs, you will have to find a place to dump both the piece where it won’t be knocked over and have a plan for the bong water.

If you want something more cost friendly, hit a dry pipe. Some of them can get pretty expensive, but as a general rule of thumb they are WAY cheaper then bongs.

If you want something that produce’s a little less of that dank smoke, hit up a pipe. Vs Bongs. You usually pack them a bit less, which leads to smaller puffs. Or makes it easier to blow into a smoke buddy or similar product.

I hope that helps! Spark up in the comments below and let me know what you think!

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