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Anyone Else Find Cannabis Packaging So Wasteful?

So. I have a bone to pick with someone today, and I don’t know whom. I love supporting my local dispensaries, but I’m always BAFFLED by the amount of packaging waste surrounding cannabis products. Like I get using a lot of packing peanuts to ensure your bong doesn’t break in shipping, but do we really need to make flower and vape cartridges their own little puzzle box out of cardboard?

What do you think? I know a lot of it can be recycled, but it just seems a little extreme for me. My heart breaks for the amount of waste an eighth creates. Maybe I’m just buying to small of amounts at one time though LOL ( I love testing new strains out. I don’t often purchase the same strain more then three times in a row… unless it was green crack. (the strain) ) I’m sure as the industry ages though, we will come up with a better packaging system?

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