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Howdy High! It’s officially winter in my neck of the woods and I’m hear to write about smoking in the cold. We got a good snow dump last week, and now it’s just ice. LOL Which got me thinking, how do you adjust your sesh’s to your environment? I’m allowed to smoke in our garage, so I have a tiny desk heater, and a heated blanket I use when I’m down there, but let’s face it – garage’s are cold too.

I’d highly recommend grabbing a heated blanket or a heated jacket for your winter sesh’s. It’s a game changer. I used to have a trusty pair of lined crocs, and my dad’s old winter coat from the 80’s, I’d run out into the cold with… but more often then not – I just wrapped up in any blanket I could find. Which as you know, isn’t ideal when it’s -15 outside. Or does the cold stop you?

Some quick tips for seshing in the cold:

  • Keep a designated smoker’s jacket handy (and put extra lighters in your pocket, including fingerless gloves)
  • Get a heated blanket or jacket you can curl up in
  • Wear proper shoes, or at the very least, lined crocs.
  • Pre pack, roll, etc INSIDE, before you get outside. Cause your fingers WILL get chilly.
  • I hate socks so much, but wear socks!
  • Bring out a warm tea or little drinky drink. Baileys and hot chocolate anyone?

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