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Dispensary Technicians: The Top 3 Rising Jobs in Canada According to LinkedIn.

Do you still use LinkedIn? We do! Whether it’s for personal or business use, we find it to be a valuable tool for networking and building connections. And if you’re based in Canada, there’s even more reason to make use of the platform.

Recently, LinkedIn released an article listing the top rising jobs in Canada for 2023. And coming in at number three on the list is “Dispensary Technician.” This job, which is expected to see a high demand in the coming years, involves working in a dispensary and assisting customers with the purchase of cannabis products.

But what do we think about this? Well, it’s clear that the cannabis industry is on the rise, and it’s exciting to see jobs in this field being recognized as ones with high potential for growth. It’s also worth noting that having a dispensary technician certification will make you a valuable asset to any cannabis company.

So, whether you’re looking to break into the cannabis industry or simply want to stay informed about the job market, it’s worth keeping an eye on LinkedIn’s list of rising jobs. And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. Let’s sesh!

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