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Hiding Cannabis Smoke and Smell: Tips and Techniques

Hey there! If you’re looking for ways to hide the smell of cannabis smoke, here are some tips and tricks for you:

  1. Try using a vaporizer – this heats up the cannabis to release vapor instead of smoke, and the smell is much milder.
  2. Get an air purifier – it can help remove any odors, including the smell of cannabis smoke. Look for one with a carbon filter for best results.
  3. Use smoke-absorbing sprays – these sprays can neutralize the smell of cannabis smoke and can be sprayed into the air or directly on surfaces.
  4. Use a fan – it can help distribute the smoke and smell, reducing the concentration in one area.
  5. Smoke outside – this can greatly reduce the amount of smoke and smell inside. Just be sure to follow local laws and regulations regarding outdoor consumption.

You can also try out Smoke Buddy personal air filters. Just remember to always consume cannabis responsibly and follow the laws in your area. Enjoy! … and if you’re in a pinch, cook some bacon LOL.

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