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Finding a Happy Medium: Smoking Weed in a Relationship with a Non-Smoker

Navigating Cannabis Use in a Relationship: How to Respect Your Partner’s Boundaries.

Marijuana use is a personal choice and it’s essential to be mindful of your partner’s feelings and boundaries when it comes to consuming cannabis. But what if your partner doesn’t use marijuana or is against it? How do you balance your love for weed with your partner’s comfort level?

Start by having a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner about your cannabis use. Be transparent about why you enjoy smoking weed and how often you consume it. Then, listen to your partner’s concerns and be willing to find a solution that works for both of you. When I first started seeing my partner, I kept my consumption to myself, until I could see how he felt about it, so I could approach the situation with compassion and understanding. Not only for him – but for myself. I wasn’t hiding it from him, but it wasn’t a common thing for my partner, so I wanted to ensure I approached the situation with patience, information, and possible solutions…

One solution is to set specific times or places for smoking weed. For example, you could agree to only smoke at home or only on weekends. This gives your partner control over when and where marijuana is used, and they can opt-out if they prefer not to be around it. For us, this looks like me smoking in the garage only, not in the house. & I also try to be hyper-aware of the odor and smoke that goes along with it. If my partner will be hanging out with me in the garage, I often choose to spark up using my vaporizer or a bong, to be more respectful. And if I want to smoke a big fatty, I’ll save it for when my partner isn’t there, or I’ll make sure to light up at the back of the garage, where there is better airflow.

Another option is to experiment with alternative methods of consuming marijuana, such as edibles or vaporizers, which often have a milder scent and are less intrusive for non-users. I also like to use a fan, to circulate air in the space I smoke in, and I purchased a charcoal air filter, to help clean up the area if required.

The biggest thing is to just approach this topic with respect for your partner, and your shared space. You can come to a common understanding with a plan that makes you both happy. And remember to be considerate of your partner’s feelings and show them respect when you do smoke weed. This could mean not smoking around them if they’re uncomfortable or not trying to convince them to try it if they’re not interested. With a little patience and understanding, you can enjoy your cannabis without causing any tension in your relationship.

& if you are in the opposite boat right now, check out this blog post about supporting loved ones who consume cannabis!

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