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About Us

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Personal Blog. Education and Community Support Advocate. 420 meanderings. Cannabis Apparel.

Welcome to Blunt B*tch, where we review, educate, and support cannabis lovers in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and beyond. My name is Alecia and I’m a mid twenty-year-old stoner who has been part of the cannabis community for over 7 years.

Through this blog, I’ll be sharing my unfiltered thoughts on local weed shops, offering insights on all things cannabis, and generally just rambling on about my stoner adventures. Think of it as a virtual smoke session with your favorite blunt-loving pal.

And if you’re into cannabis culture, be sure to check out our merch shop where we’re fighting negative stigma one rad design at a time ( or bluntbtchapparel on ETSY). Just don’t forget to head over to the Legal Stuff page before lighting up – we want to keep everything above board.

So grab your favorite bong, pack a bowl, and join me on this journey to elevate the cannabis community.

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